How to Pack Light for Your Honeymoon

August 17, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Holidays

Packing for a honeymoon is fun but tiring. Most of the brides are already tired after the stressful celebrations, and so they do not worry about packing for honeymoon. To make the packing part less stressful, we suggest that you pack light for your honeymoon. You can carry just one large suitcase or one trolley for each person. But, do keep in mind the airline regulations regarding the weight of the luggage and carrying of liquids. There are certain items which you should pack while there are many that you should avoid. The must to pack, in brief, are cotton shorts, socks, sweatshirt, swimming suit, camera, skirts, tank tops and T-shirts. Here are some good tips on how to pack light for your honeymoon.

1) Bring clothes which are really required. Do not pack unnecessary items. It is a good idea to check the weather of the place you are traveling, so that you can plan accordingly. If you plan to use the hotel pool, then bring one or two swimming suits with you. For making the nights to be more romantic, pack in a pair of pajamas and a set of seductive lingerie.

2) You can save a lot of laundry if you bring pants and skirts that can be worn for more than once. The bride can bring around four-five tops to wear with the skirt and you can bring 3-4 shirts to wear with the trousers. Short sleeved shirts and T-shirts do not take much space in the bag.

3) A lot of couples make the cardinal mistake of packing in unnecessary toiletries which tends to occupy a lot of space in the suitcase/trolley. Nowadays, a majority of the hotels provide shampoo and body wash in the bathroom. Even the hair dryers are provided in the hotel rooms, so you need not bring one from your home. However, hotels do not provide combs and hair gels; so don’t forget to carry those.

4) There is another alternative for the brides. Instead of packing too many pants and skirts, they can pack in a couple of sundresses. These occupy very less space in the suitcases and they are very comfortable, if you are traveling to a tropical destination. Brides can even wear the sundress with a light cardigan or camisole for a romantic candlelight dinner. The groom can pack jeans, carpenter shorts and khakis. However, you need to carry at least one pair of good pants for a nice dinner in a quality restaurant. As for footwear, both of you should stick to shoes and sandals.

5) Lastly, no pack in some ‘just in case’ items but keep in mind that you need to save some space for the souvenirs that you will buy there. It is always advisable that you make a list of all the things that are absolutely essential for your trip, so that you do not forget these. If after the completion of the list, you find that there is enough free space then you may add some non-essential items.

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