Top Five Skydiving Destinations in Europe

April 26, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Activity Holidays,sky diving

Ever since doing my first Skydive at North London Skydiving I have become a bit of an adrenalin junkie! This summer, to celebrate graduating university and to combine my love of travel and my new favourite hobby, I have decided to go on a skydiving summer holiday! After scouring the internet I have compiled a ‘Skydiving Bucket List’ of all the places around Europe I want to land in after jumping out of a plane at around 15,000 feet!


Seville, Spain

This centre based in Seville is one of the best in Europe!  It’s a drop of 15,000 feet for only 205€. Bargain! 73 feet for every Euro spent, which is an awesome price, especially if like me you’re on a student budget! Though if 15,000 feet is a bit daunting you could opt for the 10,000 foot drop for 185€ instead. Be sure to jump early in the morning so that you have the rest of the day to explore the history and architecture of Seville, such as the Cathedral or Plaza de Espana!


Sicily, Italy

Skydiving in Sicily is a great way to experience views of the whole of the largest island in the Mediterranean from 4000 metres! The skydiving centre based in Syracuse is walking distance from idyllic beaches and lovely restaurants. After your dive, why not wind down with a glass of wine and some fantastic food, like a Sicilian pizza (AKA the best pizza in the world)?  


Interlaken, Switzerland

Based in the town Winderswil, skydiving between the snowy mountains and blue lakes of the Swiss Alps is a unique way to enjoy an extraordinary view of snow-capped mountains and glaciers. Though it is one of the priciest places to skydive (CHF 450/ 330 GBP for a 15,000 feet helicopter dive), it seems so worth it just for the views! The city of Interlaken is just a 5 minute drive or train journey, and there is loads to do there- including a chocolate making experience!


Tyrol, Austria

Tyrol in Austria is a beautiful alpine region nestled in the Alps.  More than 700 of the Tyrol Regions peaks are over 3000 meters high, and the view from above is spectacular.  There is a small airport in Tyrol, near the village of Redfeld, which is the regions only skydiving base. By all accounts the views are absolutely fantastic. If you fancy doing something after your dive Radfeld is home to one of the longest cycling tracks in Europe, as well as kayaking and rafting activities.


Hvar, Croatia

Hvar Island is frequently hailed as Croatia’s answer to San Tropez. It’s a gorgeous, glamourous island that is the sunniest place in Croatia, where it is not uncommon to see someone sail past on a huge yacht! Sounds lovely, right? Well you can skydive there! It’s not the cheapest place to skydive in Croatia at 239€ (you can get an awesome deal at Zagreb for only 190€) but it’s definitely the nicest place to go, with the most beautiful views on your decent back to earth.


Bio: Rebecca is a freelance writer, writing for North London Skydiving where she began her skydiving journey. If she’s not traveling or doing something new and exciting, she’s writing about it.