Want to plan the perfect holiday? Top six questions to ask yourself when booking online

June 23, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Holidays


No matter what the occasion, we always want our holidays to be perfect but what with a busy work & family life, we can often end up rushing to book that all important break online which ends up far less than perfect with unwelcome surprises along the way.


We all know too well how time consuming holiday planning can be, trawling comparison sites and picking apart each individual location. Hopefully, our six questions to ask yourself when you start your holiday planning process will at least ensure you don’t forget to check any important details and with any luck, speed up the process too.


Where is my dream destination? 

Sometimes just the act of choosing where you want to go on holiday can be the biggest hurdle. Take some time to get some inspiration via sites like TripAdvisor & Lonely Planet.


When is the best time of year for me to book my break?

Give some thought to peak times throughout the year. Consider school holidays, high summer and (dependent on the country) even local holidays or events taking place that may influence the tourist industry in that area.


How much am I looking to spend as part of my budget?

Don’t spend hours looking at beautiful locations with five Star accommodation, only to discover it’s completely out of your price range. Plan out your budget in advance and if you are not sure where to even begin with this, maybe try one of the many holiday calculators out there, such as this one featured on the Thomas Cook website.


What type of accommodation would I like?

Self-catering, hotels, or maybe an all-inclusive holiday package is the right choice for you? There are pros and cons to all and lots of different variations in between. Similar to the first question we asked you, get some inspiration. Have browse on sites like Air B&B & Last Minute to work out what turns you off and what definitely turns you on!


Once you have decided on the type of accommodation you are looking for, sites like Trivago will help you find the best price for hotels around the globe.


Are there any travel arrangements I need to make?

If you are planning to keep you holiday local this year and all you need to do is hop in the car, brilliant! But, if you are needing to get some flights booked ASAP, check out Expedia, where you can package up your accommodation and travel or Skyscanner, to get best possible deal on your flights.


What if I am considering travelling via train? Good News! Expedia have recently added a train comparison area to their website, allowing you to compare the price of train tickets around the world.


Do I need to consider organising any holiday extras?

If you are planning to explore the local area or enjoy some exciting activities. Double check if these can be included within your package if you are going all-inclusive, or head over to local tourist websites and check the prices of car hire with a company, such as Hertz.

Answer these six questions and you should be well on your way to booking the perfect holiday. All that leaves you to do is get packing!

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